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If you’ve been missing the thrill of looking at new properties and imagining your next home, we have put together a list of programmes which will help inspire your next property purchase. Available on streaming platforms to fit into your timetable, this selection should give you a taste of what could be possible with your own home and future properties. 

•    How To Live Mortgage Free With Sarah Beeny – Property entrepreneur Sarah Beeny meets with different individuals who have managed to clear their mortgages by using simple and effective tricks. 
•    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo – Tidying guru Marie Kondo has become somewhat of a sensation over the past few years in helping people declutter their homes and their lives. 
•    The Apartment – In this reality series hosted by design icon Jamie Durie, interior designers show off their design skills each week in a bid to win the overall prize. 
•    Amazing Interiors  - This series shows that we should never judge a book by its cover as each of the properties featured looks relatively ordinary from the outside, with the interiors then anything but ordinary. 
•    The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Living up to its title, this series explores the world and discovers the most unbelievable properties, from Norwegian valley homes to Spanish cliff-face villas. 

•    Homes By Design – This series focuses on a different design aspect each episode and looks at superb examples of property architecture throughout the Americas and Europe. From Gothic Revival architecture, to ocean inspiration this series truly does have it all. 
•    Homes Under The Hammer – Originally made famous on the BBC, this series is also available on Amazon and showcases properties bought auction which are then restored by their new owners with the express intention to sell them quickly or let them for profit. 
•    CoCoCozy Design House – CoCoCozy is regarded as one of the top design influencers around the world, and this series chronicles the latest design project from the renowned design house. 
•    The Really Big Flip – Flipping a house is the process of buying a property that is ripe for restoration and then selling it on as quickly as possible for a profit. This challenge programme follows three teams who are tasked to do just that. 

Channel 4 On Demand
•    Property Ladder – Amateur developers source run-down homes for them to develop and sell for a profit, but along the way they are presented with challenges both financial and logistical. 
•    The Property Chain – Perfect for those who have never purchased for, this series follows property chains and explores the whole process – from offers being accepted all the way through to move-in day. 
•    Location, Location, Location – A Channel 4 favourite fronted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, this programme follows different individuals and couples on their property searches. 
•    Big House, Little House – In this series, two sets of couples with budgets at different ends of the spectrum create amazing new spaces in their homes.