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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

A blog about kitchen sinks, you say?  How….interesting?

Allow me to plug it for you! (Honestly, yes, expect many more sink relating puns in this blog.)

Do you know the difference between a Belfast sink and a Butler sink?  Could you tell a French Farmhouse and a Franke?

No?  Well, thank goodness you are reading this article!

It turns out there’s a world of difference for sink aficionados, so make sure you choose wisely when it comes to putting one in your kitchen.

All Washed Up

Apparently, 46% of all UK households own a dishwasher according to data collected by Statistica.  But the kitchen sink remains resolutely a crucial part of your kitchen, so choosing the right kitchen sink is super important.

I always thought a Belfast sink was any kitchen sink that looked chunky and ceramic.  Actually, if you’re going for the farmhouse country style in your house, you will typically be choosing from a Belfast, Butler or French farmhouse sink.

A Butler sink traditionally does not have an overflow whereas a Belfast sink does.  A French Farmhouse is made of much thinner refined clay and so they are more ornate and elegant than the rustic Belfast or Butler sinks.  Click the picture below to check out the rest of this farmhouse style property in Turves Green, Northfield.

french farmhouse sink in Northfield house

It’s really important to consider the material of your sink rather than the manufacturer.  So, a composite sink could be a good option if your sink is going to live a relatively hard life!  Composite kitchen sinks are made of roughly 80% compressed quartz dust, or fine granite sand and bonded with 20% acrylic resin.  This means you get a sink as durable as granite or stone but is way more cost effective and easy to maintain.  This property on Clover Road in the Bournvile Village Trust estate gets added style points for this crisp clean look.

Composite sink in Northfield property

You could sink to new lows (I’m quite proud of that one) with an undermounted kitchen sink.  Here, the lip is secured underneath the solid countertop allowing for more space around the sink.  This option is perfect if you are the kind of person who values ease of cleaning as a top priority!  They also work really well if you are after a minimal style design look.  

If you need a sink on a budget, stainless steel kitchen sinks are a good option.  In fact, 70% of today’s sink customers opt for this material as it is inexpensive and versatile.  Going for stainless steel does not mean you have to stick to the traditional flat top mounted sink – this material can be adapted to be made into undermounted and farmhouse style sinks.

This property on Heath Road listed with our Northfield branch has done a double whammy with stainless steel and undermounted!

Undermounted stainless steel sink in Northfield property

So, hopefully we haven't clogged you up with information, and you can now be in sync with your kitchen sink style and practicality choices!  If you've fallen hook line and sinker for one of these beautiful kitchens (and who could blame you), get in touch with our Northfield office to book a viewing today.