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Barnt Green takes a Star Turn

It can be very easy to talk about community spirit and not actually get involved in local activities. At Oulsnams, we’re always looking for ways to get involved with events that are taking place near all of our 12 office locations.  So, we were really pleased to be able to help out the Star Project in Barnt Green.

The Star Project is a musical theatre group that runs every Thursday in the Parish Centre.  Established in 2008, they aim to give children the confidence and skills in the performing arts.  Their previous projects have included shows at The Artrix Theatre, The Mac Birmingham, a guest performance at Redditch Palace Theatre, dancing at The Clothes Show Live, and even a West End performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre London!

So, when we heard they were looking for sponsorship for this year’s Summer show, we were all ears! The show this year is called “An Ogre’s Tale” and will be performed at The Artrix in Bromsgrove; we’re delighted that our donation means they will be able to create the entire set for the production!

We hear the cast are going to make it to our Barnt Green office in full costume, so we’ll be sure to get some pictures of them in their inevitably awesome costumes!