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Robert Oulsnam are sponsoring this year’s Barnt Green Bookfest festival.  This year’s event is taking place at The Parish Centre on Sandhills Road.  This fabulous event is a sister festival to the Bournville Bookfest, with other festivals taking place in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield.

Oulsnam sponsored the Bournville Bookfest in 2018; the event was so amazing we couldn’t wait to be involved in it again.  

The Bournville Bookfest spans 14 – 24thMarch, and the Barnt Green festival event and activities take place on 16thMarch.  Online ticket booking is open from 25thJanuary at 9.30am!

What’s it all About?

Barnt Green Bookfest, you would be correct in assuming, has something to do with books!  In fact, these festivals are Birmingham’s only dedicated children’s book festivals specifically for 0-12 year olds.

The purpose of Bookfest is to provide an accessible, non-stuffy children’s book festival; it’s a celebration of the creative arts!  There’s something for everyone to get involved in, from interactive storytelling, drama classes and writing workshops to drama, singing and comic-book draw-alongs. Plus, many opportunities to meet some of your favourite authors and get introduced to some truly astonishing books!

A Little Bit of History

Bournville BookFest and its sister festivals is run by Busy Parents Network.  They organise festivals which draw families together and introduce children to the amazing power of the creative arts.  It was started in 2014 as a completely fresh idea, and, five years later it's one of the biggest children's book festivals in the UK.

If you want to get an idea of the kind of workshops and events happening over the various locations check out a summary video of 2017’s workshops on YouTube here.