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Kingsway cinema in Kings Heath was destroyed in a fire back in 2011 with only the frontage still standing. However, after lots of hard work, it is being reborn tonight as an outdoor cinema. The new cinema will be hosting socially distanced events of many out door cinema screenings. 

City healthcare professional and site owner Nirmal Vora said: "We are looking to maximise the site with the city council to get as much community use for it as we can.

"We are looking at redeveloping the site for the arts and music as well as residential and have been talking with two or three cinema operators about developing a neighbourhood cinema there, too.

"A pop-up event like this will enable us to judge the demand for a cinema because it would be expensive to build - you don't want a glorified restaurant selling hot dogs!"

This is welcome news to the area and is a great way to get people to enjoy spending their time in Kings Heath more. 

The first screening tonight (Friday 14th August) will be the British comedy Withnail with future screenings consisting of: Quadrophenia, The Lion King (1984), The Lost Boys, Mrs Doubtfire, E.T., Cinema Paradiso, The Incredibles, Bladerunner, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Tim Burton's Batman, Joker and Amélie. This offers a great mix of family friendly movies, French Art films, classis movies, and the Indian Film Festival.

Event details and tickets can be found here