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New House Vs Old House? Here’s How to Choose!

Do you go for the period property with the character and quirks in need of a little love and attention, or do you opt for the new house with the ensuite, the study space and the double garage?

Choosing your next home is a big decision. It’s a huge investment and so it must be right.

At Oulsnam we’ve seen our fair share of old and new, so let’s look at what you should be considering when choosing.

What do you really want?

We speak with people all the time who know exactly what it is they want! However, equally, many don’t. So, what do you want from a new-to-you property?

  • Do you want a ready-to-live-in house?
  • Would you rather have a property where you know you will need to do some work?

Write the pros and cons of new and old and have a good ponder on the type of house you want.

Do you have the skills?

You may have decided that you want a doer-upper.

But do you have the skills to do the work?

If you do, then great.

Do you have the time?

If you do, then greater still.

If you don’t, then this should steer you away from a house that needs work unless you have the budget to pay for professionals.

Is money no object, or are your finances tight?

Budgets play a huge part in any project, whether it’s a house you are renovating, or a new property that needs carpeting or decorating to your taste.

If you want to renovate, have you worked out all that you need to do, whether that’s materials or labour costs? And what about a contingency fund?

You can of course renovate on a budget, but if you have not fully costed everything, you may be in for a shock.

New can mean brand new!

A new home is so easy to move into. You can practically unpack, add furniture and be having a cuppa within an hour or two!

If it is brand new, then there should be warranties on white goods or on the building itself, giving you peace of mind so brand new could be a better option for you.

Is an older property better?

Many older houses are perceived to have been better built than newer ones. It’s true, they might have more substantial building materials used in the construction process, have intricate tiled patterns, more spacious rooms, larger gardens, or handmade bricks.

But… newer homes will have up-to-date environmental standards, materials sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers, have better insulation, and have electric and plumbing systems that are unlikely to require replacing.

There are always going to be pros and cons to any house you buy, whether it’s an old one or a new one.

We’re lucky that we have old and new properties coming to market across the West Midlands, so we could have the ideal house for you.

Call us today to let us know what you’re looking for.