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Lightwood Hill Property Lights up With Log Burners!

When looking for a holiday cottage to escape to, the top two things that people enter in the search filters are “hot tub” and “log burner”.  Well, we haven’t got a hot tub on offer (though a jacuzzi bath is probably a good substitute!) but we can supply the log burner demand at this stunning property in Bearwood!

You might not think that a log burner is reason enough to purchase a property and, OK, it’s probably not going to be the deciding factor.  But, did you know that there are a lot more benefits to having a wood burner installed in a property than simply the aesthetics?

Benefits of a Log/Wood Burner

Of course, a fireplace is a great focal point of a room, it has been reported that a wood burning stove can help save heating bills by up to 53%!

They work very well as standalone heating in a room as well as an addition to the central heating system. Essentially, if you’re planning on a cosy night in, you don’t have to have the heating on all over your home. Restricting the heat to one room by using the fire will absolutely save on heating costs!

Reducing your dependency on other heating sources such as gas or electricity can only be a good thing, as these prices are set to rise in the near future.

It has been estimated that burning wood produces 0.008kg of CO2 per kWh, compared to 0.198kg for gas and 0.157kg for electricity.  So, it’s a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Keep Safe and Legal!

There are rules on what you can burn in a stove or an open fire, which are governed by where you live. Many parts of the UK are smoke control areas; make sure you burn authorised fuel only, or you could face a fine of up to £1000.  

You can buy environmentally friendly coal that is perfect for smoke-controlled areas; these produce less smoke and C02.  Therefore, you will not fall foul of the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968.  Some of these options are also denser and therefore have a longer burn time than others.  All types can be used for both open fires as well as stoves.

It’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.

You should also have your chimney swept annually, preferably by a trained person, tempting as it might be to send a small child up there for pocket money!

We're quite smitten with this beautiful property that has two gorgeous wood burners in both reception rooms.  Give us a call on 0121 429 9986 if you can see yourself chilling out with a glass of red wine in front of one of them!