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Whilst we’re spending more time at home than ever before, has there been a better opportunity to complete those DIY jobs that you just never quite got round to? Why not make the most of the extra time at home and tackle one of our easy lockdown DIY tasks… 

1.    Tackle the woodwork
Doors, skirting boards and any coving that you may have in your home are one of those jobs that we all shirk away from as they are time-consuming and a little tedious. However, they can also finish a room to a higher standard, and therefore why not set yourself the task of refreshing the woodwork around your home? If you don’t have materials such as gloss and primer, you can still order them online, otherwise a little elbow grease and soapy water will do the trick in reviving them for now. 

2.    Perfect the painting
Have some paint stored away for when you were going to refresh the living room? Get those tins of paint out and why not pick a room to give a new lease of life to? Do it as a family and have the kids tape up edges and areas which you want to keep free of the new paint colour, and then if you are brave enough set them loose with a paint brush to learn some valuable skills. On average, having a professional repaint a room will cost between £100 and £150, therefore you are also saving on potential unwanted expenditure. 

3.    Organise your home
Marie Kondo says “The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t” – why not embody this mantra and organise your home, you will be amazed by how much it also frees up your mind. Start small, and organise your wardrobes at first – simply bag up what you don’t wear anymore or no longer like and once the lockdown is lifted you can donate. Once your wardrobes are tidied, you may be inspired to keep on tidying!

4.    Create a picture gallery
With the likes of online photo developers such as Snapfish, photographs and prints have never been cheaper to acquire, therefore why not sift through your mobile and pick some photographs that you would like to see every day. You can have them developed, and then choose a space in your home to inject some personality into, at the moment eclectic photo frames hung on stairwells are proving very popular as a design focus. 

5.    Get into the grout
Grouting isn’t usually on anybody’s list in terms of design touches, however very few things can make a space look as unkempt as discoloured or dirty grouting. Whilst you have a little spare time on your hands, why not give your grouting some TLC in your kitchen and bathrooms? A solution of warm water, salt and bleach will have the power to remove most stains, or if you need something stronger then you can purchase grout pens which restores grout to its original colour. 

6.    Upcycle
At the moment, having a personal project to work on can be good not just for our homes, but also for our mental health as we can take some immediate gratification from our efforts. Whether you choose something small like a chest of drawers which you paint and restore, or a larger project such as restoring your kitchen cupboards just remember to take your time and enjoy the process.