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Selling at auction can mean a quick and easy sale, with excited bidders driving up the price of your home. But is it right for you?
Whilst we know selling at auction might not be for everyone, there are some key advantages if you've been thinking about this approach for your next sale.
One of the top reasons that homeowners opt for auctions is the speed of the process, which can take a matter of weeks once a property has been sold to complete.
Higher price
With your agent by your side, it's crucial to maximise the value from your marketing strategy.
The more interest you can drum up, the more competitive the bidding between interested parties, and all of this will ensure you receive the best possible price for your home.
Guaranteed closure
Unlike with traditional sales, there's a reduced risk of auction sales from falling through.
This is because the necessary checks and paperwork are completed beforehand, so when the gavel falls, the contracts have been exchanged.
Complete transparency
Each bid is made in public so the seller is fully aware of everything as it unfolds, and with a minimum reservice price, you don't need to worry about selling for under market value.
Who is best suited to selling at auctions?
Typically preferred by investors, homeowners looking to expediate the process also opt to sell at auction, where needed.
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