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written by naomi baron

Pet Friendly Homes are a High Priority for Tenants

What is the best way to quickly secure a tenant for your rental property?  Good décor?  Yes.  Well maintained?  Absolutely.  White goods?  Maybe not so much.

Allowing pets? 

Landbay has released the results of a new survey which indicates that a national average of 14% of renters value having a pet friendly home as the most desirable attribute in a property.

This was closely followed by a garden or outside space at 12%.  Interestingly, things such as furniture, and white goods like a dryer or washer came bottom of the list of requirements.

Allowing a pet in your rental property is free to implement.  And what’s more, it won’t necessarily cost you at the end of the tenancy, either.  We wrote a handy blog detailing all the ins and outs of the positives of being a pet-friendly landlord.

With demand for rental housing increasing, it might make sense to consider allowing pets into your property in order to secure a new tenant swiftly.  Allowing tenants to make their new home more personal will likely ensure a longer-term tenancy, as well as a happier tenant overall.  Both of which are beneficial to your pocket!