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When moving home you will of course take your furniture and accessories with you, and even your garden plants! According to statistics on average UK homeowners spend around £650 a year on their garden, so after spending out on the garden, some people choose to take their plants with them.

Good Homes suggest when moving your plants that preparation is key, they recommend that three weeks before your moving date to transfer your potted plants from heavy pots into rigid plastic ones of the same size, making them easier to transport.

During the preparation, look out for issues that might arise on transport, if they have roots it may be better keeping them in their original place, if the plants are very well established then they may not make the transition, it could depend on the season. Another reason for leaving behind your plants could be that the new owners maybe expecting that lovely rose bush you have, if you have plans to take your plants with you then you should make that clear from the start. 

When transporting the pants on moving day felt is a good way of ensuring that they are supported and ensuring that you do not lose too much soil when transporting. Remember if you are boxing any plants ensure there are air holes and that they have delicate items on the box, so those moving them know to be careful!