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How to make your property stand out in a busy market

More new listings are coming onto the market now than at the start of the year. In the last month, there’s been an increase of 139% new properties when compared to pre-lockdown levels.*

Over 21,777 properties were put up for sale in September – with data available up to the 25th.

Whereas figures were relatively more modest in January and February, at 15,661 and 17,880 respectively.

With increasing competition on the market, how can you make your home stand out to buyers this season?


Emphasise your outdoor and indoor space

Properties with gardens are more desirable than ever.

If your home has this to offer, showcase it. Ensure that the grass is freshly mown, and any fallen leaves cleared away before viewings.

To help your property withstand winter weather, it’s also important to fix existing items in need of repair and to check your fences are sturdy. If you have time, a fresh coat of paint will also work wonders.

Another shift in buyers’ priorities is the need for a dedicated office space.

If you have a spare room that would be ideal for working, make sure that it is set up neatly to demonstrate its functionality.


Family areas

Communal spaces are a great selling point for a property.

Staging a large dining table in your kitchen area will show to a potential buyer that the property can accommodate gatherings with friends and family. Similarly, a living room with lots of seating will create a great social environment.

Having a messy kid’s bedroom can have a negative impact on your property’s sale value, apparently knocking off up to £8,000 according to ING Direct.

So, when it comes to preparing for property photos or viewings, it’s critical you cast your eye over every room first.


Keep it neutral

Whilst your personal style might give your property a unique character, not everyone will agree with your choices.

Experts claim that perceived bad taste can cause you to lose between five and ten per cent off the value of your home.

Before selling, consider stripping away some of your personal belongings and stick to neutral, non-offensive décor; giving your viewers a blank canvass to visualise seeing themselves living there.


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