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Throughout the selling process, buyers are looking to assess the extent of the work needed to fix your home to their own standard of living, working out the time and money they may need to invest.
Whilst there are plenty of home hunters out there looking for their next project to tackle, many more will be looking for something that requires minimal fuss.
So, which home repairs can be the biggest deal breakers for buyers?
As the main cause behind serious structural issues, it's no surprise that damp ranks as the highest turn-off according to research.*
Keeping your house well ventilated in every season is crucial to safeguarding your investments, and with 63% put off by bad smells from pets or cigarettes, it's also worth purchasing diffusers before any viewings to keep your house smelling and looking at its best.
Having a messy garden also made the list, with 48% of people saying that it would put them off buying a property, as well as outdated electrics and poor natural lighting.
Aside from making any significant changes to the number of windows or doors in your property, the simplest way to increase the amount of light in your home is to eliminate any dark corners with warm lamps, giving the space the illusion of natural light.
Outdated electrics can be costly and time-consuming for buyers to update. So, if you’re looking for a quick sale, it might be worth getting any major issues fixed before viewings start to avoid a lengthy period on the market.
If you've completed any renovations or refurbishments since moving in, you should consider learning your home's current market value. Book your valuation today.