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As Spring approaches our offices are getting nice and busy! But the question still hanging over many potential sellers heads is: high street agents or online agents-which is best?

So, time is moving on, and you can almost get anything at a click of a button over the internet. High street franchises are being forced to close down due to online competitors. We’ve seen Toys R us, Comet, BHS, Woolworths and Blockbusters all struggle to compete with the ease and convenience of online business’s. Likewise- we are seeing a fast growth of online agents appearing around our local area so why not give them a chance?

In our, admittedly biased, opinion there is no question that high street agents give you more value for your buck in the long run. We are hoping that we can give a little more intel as to why you should choose a high street agent when you decide to buy or sell your home.

Without a doubt the cost of selling a house is the first thing that would process in your mind when thinking about selling, so a cheaper fee with an online agent would of course be the most appealing. But getting the highest price for your home should also be a main factor when deciding who is best to use. A high street agent will negotiate and push for the best price for your home, you are their client and they have your best interests at heart from the second you book that valuation appointment with them. Not only do they have a long-standing reputation to upstand, but they also do not get paid a penny before your home completes, so to keep you happy as their client they will work with you to do what’s best for your needs, home and future. Online agents mostly offer cheap upfront fees which will be due regardless of a sale. There may also be hidden clauses, additional costs for viewings, EPC’s, photography, sales chasing etc… which are all the things that are included in your NO SALE NO FEE price with a high street agent. Online agents will build their fee up so in the end it will most likely cost you more than a high street agent.

Customer service is the second main factor. Having the ability to walk into a branch and have a face to face conversation with the person you are paying to sell your home is essential. There’s nothing more frustrating than ringing and ringing and being on hold or leaving messages to someone when you just need to get through! And that’s where the sales chasing is also an important consideration. Chasing the progression of your sale with solicitors, liaising and negotiating is without a doubt the most stressful part of a sale. So why not pay someone to do that for you. High street agents have the knowledge, experience and most of all patience to do so and will do on a regular basis to keep your sale moving with ease!

An online agent may argue that they have a wide variety of availability and theirs is better than a high street agent which in some aspects will be absolutely true. Unlike high street estate agents, they can offer a 24/7 service where clients can contact them at any time, which is great! But isn’t it much nicer to wait and speak to a high street agent who is knowledgeable of the area and the local market, than being put through to a call centre?

We think anyone would agree, who you chose to sell your house is a decision that shouldn’t be made with ease. We hope this read has helped in making a decision on who you think is best fit to serve you best.