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Get Ready to Party!

Who doesn’t love a street festival?!  We certainly do at Oulsnams!  We also love getting involved with community events, so we jumped at the chance to sponsor this year’s Bearwood Street Festival.

The 2017 event saw over 8,000 people take to the streets to generally eat, drink, and be merry!  This year, the organisers have even more ambitious plans! The mainstage will still be in front of The Bear Tavern, but this time, they are utilising the spaces further along the high street.  Festival goers will move around, checking out shops & stalls all the while enjoying a diverse and dynamic selection of music and performance.  This year, the music will also include performers featured on BBC Music.

We’re really chuffed to be one of the sponsors of the main stage.  Of course, the sponsorship money doesn’t go on the production of the sponsors flag!  Any donations the organisers get all get ploughed into really important things like infrastructure, traffic management, and the slightly more fun stuff like workshops and events!  Planning an epic party for over 8,000 people is seriously hard work, so we’re glad we can help out a bit!

If you want to lend a hand, or get involved yourself, you can do!  Simply click this link to go to their “Chuffed” page.