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Legless Lizards Relocated in Kings Heath

Legless lizards, contrary to what my initial thought was, are not geckos who have consumed too much tequila.  In fact, legless lizards are another term for slow worms.  Slow worms, that look suspiciously like snakes. Thankfully however, they’re not snakes and are in fact a harmless reptile living in various habitats in the UK.

Currently, a group of these slow worms is residing in an overgrown plot of land in Kings Heath which is earmarked for housing development.

The plot of land in Kings Heath behind Brandwood Park Road is an ideal habitat for these animals because it is currently overgrown with brambles and fruit trees.

When undertaking building development, it’s important to carry out wildlife studies to make sure that no animal habitat is put at risk.  This is why the planning committee council has requested that efforts are made to move the animals safely to another location.  In this case, the proposed house move is to a allocated allotment site.

Some fun facts about legless lizards:

  • Their scientific name is Anguis fragilis;
  • They can shed their tails;
  • They typically grow to between 40 to 50cm (15 to 19ins) long;
  • They can live up to 20 years;
  • The reptiles became a protected species in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act in 1981.  

It’s important that all appropriate care and consideration is taken to ensure the incumbent residents are taken to a suitable relocation.  Much like the people who will at some point be living in one of the three, three-bedroomed houses planned for this land in Kings Heath, we hope these slow worms will be happy in their new home!