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Five top tips for a stress-free moving experience

Buying a new property has the potential to be stressful, and we get it! To help you out, we have put together this guide of helpful tips, based on real buyers’ experiences.


1. Planning

It might seem obvious, but lack of preparation can be the biggest hurdle for homeowners and buyers, with two-thirds of viewers forgetting to bring pre-prepared questions when taking a look around a new property.

Put together a criteria of your non-negotiables and the features or items that you’re willing to compromise on, and make sure you’re spending your time wisely. A thorough search online will give you a good starting point finding suitable properties, but you can also reach out to agents directly, as they may have similar properties you’ve overlooked.


2. Understanding the process

Next, it’s about ensuring you have set realistic time expectations and have set aside the required amount needed for the deposit.

Not everything will go according to plan every time, so make sure you’re aware of potential blockers that could get in your way.

Market conditions are strong right now, but for buyers to take full advantage of the recently announced stamp duty holiday, they need to be going through the process right now, as increased demand could mean you face delays further down the line.

Likewise, you don’t want to under-plan for your budget. Take into consideration average fees for surveyors and conveyancers so you don’t overstretch yourself.


3. Build connections

Another great idea is to get to know the seller and their agent, as this has the potential to make them favour you as a trusted buyer.

Similarly, talking to neighbours when viewing a property is invaluable. You can obtain information about the local area, as well as inside knowledge about potential problems about the property.

Along the same lines, checking local broadband speeds, phone signal and parking permits is a great way to be prepared prior to your moving date.


4. Preparing your own sale

If you’re looking for a quick sale, staging your house correctly is extremely important.

Freshening up paintwork and completing any repairs or improvements will add tremendous value to your home.

Well-staged homes have been proven to sell for higher prices than for those that are not. So before having your house photographed, make sure each room is captured in its best light, and avoid having any seasonal decorations up, as this could date your listing.


5. Moving in 2020

Since the market reopened, we’ve seen phenomenal levels of activity as those living under lockdown rush to buy somewhere with more space, a bigger garden and an office.

The best way to reduce stress when buying or selling this year is to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the pandemic measures that have been put in place by agents.

This includes any measures to limit human contact, as well as remote processes and online marketing strategies to reduce the number of people meeting you in-person.

To find out how we’re safely conducting sales and lets this month, contact us.