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From June, eviction notice periods have been reduced to just four months for landlords, instead of the six months they were previously set at to protect tenants over lockdown.
In cases of extenuating circumstances or anti-social behaviour, notice periods will be lower.
After a year of restrictions and economic uncertainties, the change is part of a phased approach from the government to help the country regain normality.
Before the changes, there had been a ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to protect tenants during the ‘stay at home’ instructions.
The UK’s housing minister, Christopher Pincher, has continued to pledge support from the government for tenants, whilst balancing the needs of landlords.
He stated that crucial financial support will continue to be available, with the furlough scheme and universal credit uplift currently in play.
Many people in the property sector have agreed with the changes, stating that now is a sensible time to roll-back the measures as restrictions come to an end.
Whilst the ban on evictions has caused financial distress to some landlords, it seems to be regarded as a success in the wider picture.
We are committed to helping our landlords and tenants with their every property need.
If you have any questions regarding the reduced notice periods, or a general query or concern, get in touch.