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The boss of E.on has issued a plea to the Government to invest in making homes in the UK more energy efficient to help slash bills and carbon.

Michael Lewis has reported "The country needs “a massive ramp-up” in insulation and other energy efficiency projects. Our plea to the Government has always been to push hard on energy efficiency, because that’s the proven way, the only silver bullet, for this crisis.

“It will reduce prices, reduce energy consumption and contribute to net-zero on a sustainable basis. So the next phase of tackling this has to be a massive ramp-up in measures to deal with energy efficiency.”

It could take many decades to get there as 19 million homes are in need for the insulation! 

Martin Lewis stares the government should as soon as possible pass legislation to extend the mandate of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. It is due to run out later this month unless renewed. 

These comments were echoed by Paul Spence, director of strategy and corporate affairs at energy giant EDF.

Will the government invest in making homes in the UK more energy efficient? This is a huge topic at the moment, if you are needing support towards your bills at the moment then please head to the link below, where you can find support.