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How many of us have paid money for a house that we only utilise a smaller percentage of?  Even though 43% of UK residents say they want to move to bigger properties for more space, a whopping 15% of the average British home is unused!

The majority of this neglected and unloved space are attics, spare bedroom and garden sheds at 31, 30 and 7% respectively.  Utilising an attic as storage only can possibly be forgiven, but an incredible 10% of people admitted to simply forgetting this additional space even existed – it’s much like having your very own room of requirements, only you don’t often have cause to require it!

Part of the underutilisation of space is to do with what we spend time doing in our homes; more and more our social and leisure interactions are driven by the need for connectivity and in some houses, this can be restricted to specific areas.

Research by TalkTalk suggests that 63% of home owners would use their unloved spaces more if they had stronger Wi-Fi connection and a whopping 96% agreed that a good connection in their homes is important to them.  So important in fact, that respondents to this research said they would be prepared to pay a premium as much as £12,000 extra on a house price proving that this is a vital consideration for anyone planning to sell, as the return on investment for a higher sale price versus the initial investment in Wi-Fi upgrade is very appealing.  Incredibly, on the wish list of “must haves” when house-hunting, Wi-Fi overrides proximity to restaurants/pubs, an en-suite, nearby good schools and parks/open spaces!

It’s not only sellers that have a lot to gain from investing in high powered technology, once a buyer has settled in to their new home, rather than leave the spare bedroom to gather dust until Aunty Mabel comes to stay at Christmas, that space could be turned into a home cinema, gaming room, or chill out den with the technology to power that readily available to work with the boosted Wi-Fi reach.

Of course, not everyone wants to be connected to everyone at every waking moment of their lives, so there’s always the option of transforming the attic into a tranquil and soundproof sanctuary, but then again without Wi-Fi all the way up there, how are you going to play sounds of the ocean on your multi-room Sonos?!

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