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close up of scrabble tiles spelling out the word funding
Investment in Northfield

Northfield is in the line-up for a government funded project aimed at boosting the shopping and park areas. Birmingham City Council is managing projects to transform 10 major shopping areas in the outer city areas.  The investment into areas such as Northfield is worth over £2 billion and will take place over the next few years.

Northfield recently benefitted from significant funding including the construction of the Sir Herbert Austin Way relief road as well as the new leisure centre.  This has made the town centre much more pedestrian friendly; but more development is certainly welcome!  Indeed, one proposal to continue to increase ease of access for pedestrians includes a remodelling of the junction between Bell Lane and Bristol Road South.

The proposals include remodelling the Northfield Shopping Centre and providing more restaurants and bars. More detailed plans on the proposals will come forward when each stage is confirmed.  

This new vision to give a boost to the outer city areas is a strong message that Birmingham continues to thrive as the second city.  It’s evident that with house prices continuing to increase in the surrounding suburbs that people are catching on to the trend to buy in the Midlands.

graphic design image of construction work and plans