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Making the Most of a Varied Housing Portfolio in Droitwich

Droitwich continues to be one of the most popular areas to live in Worcestershire.  It is a gorgeous suburb with lots of local amentieis but with a small village vibe.  The housing stock is really varied from large detached proeprties to terraced houses.  Even so, it remains competitively priced against nearby Ombersley and Crowle.

Since 2016, house prices in Droitwich have continued to rise across all property types; in fact, 2017 saw an 18% rise from the average asking price of £228k, and the past year has seen a further 6% rise on 2018. 

Droitwich offers entry on to the housing ladder with some excellent terraced houses with an average price of £176k with semi-detached properties fetching an average of £224k.  With mortgage approvals holding strong at the moment, we fully expect to see these prices continue to maintain these levels as buyers engage in property action, despite the current Brexit uncertainty.  Buying a new home in Droitwich certainly seems to be something that is benefiting those people who are looking to make an upwards move in the area, as well as first time buyers who can bemefit from a lower than average asking price to put their deposit savings on!