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Everybody is so grateful to our NHS and key workers who have been working tirelessly to support us in fighting against the Coronavirus. As a tribute to all the frontline workers, sculptor, Luke Perry, has created a 4-meter-tall angel sculpture out of mesh steel to share a thank you message for all their support. The sculpture is in Bearwood on Lightwood Park. This place was chosen specifically as many key workers pass through the area during their commute between the Black Country and Birmingham. A special thanks have been given to Sandwell Council who supported Luke in finding the perfect location for the angel sculpture.

Luke said “Like everyone, I have family members who owe their lives to the NHS and I wanted to create a piece of public art that captures the huge public outpouring of thanks to our health and care workers at this time. It is also a monument to all who have lost their lives on the frontline fighting the virus and a reminder of how important the NHS is.

“This is a marker to all our key workers and everyone fighting this ‘war’ and acknowledges their commitment and sacrifices.”

“I have used steel and other metals available in our factory to create the sculpture and I wanted the figure to have wings to symbolise the angelic quality of our health and care workers.”

Luke used materials from his chain making factory to come up with the idea and create the sculpture as the materials were not being used. The sculpture was funded by private donations.

Counsellor Yvonne Davies, Sandwell Council leader, added: “This is a wonderful, visual symbol of the gratitude we all feel to our NHS and care workers and I would like to thank Luke Perry for creating this inspirational piece of public art.”