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Amazing Spaces in Bromsgrove 

Have you ever watched George Clark’s Amazing Spaces or Grand Designs and wished you could have a home just like it?

Conversions of barns, industrial properties or churches can make absolutely fantastic homes that will wow your friends with their uniqueness. 

Churches are perhaps the most prolifically available properties for conversion.  This is because the Victorians built so many churches that they couldn’t fill the pews!  With these buildings falling out of use, the law was changed in 1969 to allow for them to be converted for alternative purposes.  Since then, over 200 churches have been converted.

However, finding the perfect opportunity to convert a property in just the right location for you can be a challenge.

The Church Commissioners has a very handy website link to a list of available closed churches that could be used for other purposes.  You can access it here.

Desiging it Right

You might come across some pretty rigid design rules when it comes to converting a church.  You are unlikely to be able to get permission to make significant alterations to the exterior of the property.  But then again, why would you want to?  One of the best things about converting such a property is that you will retain the original character.

You might also come across restrictions to do with installing windows or second floors.  So long as you approach your conversion plans with sensitivity, the outcome of your conversion project will be something absolutely stunning!

Here's one I Made Earlier!

Sometimes, a property might come on the market where the hard work has already been done for you. 

Our Oulsnam Bromsgrove office is currently marketing this amazing chapel conversion in Finstall.  This is a great opportunity to move straight into a converted church, without the hassle and hard work of going through the process yourself!