Advantages of Bungalow Living

News at Robert Oulsnam and Company | 21/12/2018

The Suprising Advantages to Purchasing A Bungalow

Bungalows are no longer the reserve of the more senior citizen.  Single-storey living has more benefits than you might think.  We are currently marketing this fantastically located bungalow in Meadow Rise in the Bournville Village Trust Estate.  It is really close to the Bournville Yachting Pool and a short distance from the historic Bournville Village Green.

Why Choose A Bungalow?

Bungalows are often built on large plots.  Bungalows therefore typically provide a lot of privacy which you will appreciate through the year, but definitely in the Summer.

The larger than normal plots that bungalows are often on, provide space to accommodate additions should you want to expand your living space in the future.

Bungalows by nature provide a spacious, often open plan living which is the modern standard of desirability.

Bungalows can be the perfect fit for families with young children; no risk of an accidental tumble down the stairs and, you can easily keep an eye on where your children are playing.

They do make great homes for individuals with mobility limitations.

Because bungalows offer so many great benefits, they are always in high-demand.  Should you ever decide to place your bungalow on the market, you are guaranteed immediate attention.

With that in mind, we're quite sure this awesome property will be snapped up super soon, taking into account where it is and the accomodation it offers!

To minimise risk to clients and our staff we will carry out viewings under strict Covid-19 rules.

Priority will be given to buyers who are proceedable and who provide copies of their ID and proof of funds

Non proceedable buyers may be allowed to view if we are confident of their ability to proceed and the client agrees, some clients may only want priority viewers