A Property by Any Other Name Would Look as Good

News at Robert Oulsnam and Company | 06/11/2018

When getting your property ready to sell, it really is important to work hard at putting together the extra touches that make it appealing to prospective buyers.

This is a drum that has been banged often, but for good reason.  Excellent kerb appeal, refreshed bathroom accessories, deep cleaned carpets can increase the sale price of your house.

It’s interesting to reflect on how properties are described and what kind of décor really makes a house stand out from the crowd.

in my early (OK, mid) 30’s I still feel pretty young, cool, and “with it”.  I pride myself on knowing all the latest lingo until following last week’s Apprentice on BBC1 I was flummoxed by the phrase “on fleek”.  A term apparently in use since 2014 (so Urban Dictionary tells me) yet there I am resorting to online help to aid my comprehension.  

Essentially, to be on fleek is to look good.  To have an outfit or decoration that is stylish and perfectly chosen or put together.

With that terminology fresh in my mind, the review of property listings that our Rubery sales branch has to offer brought this house in Northfield to mind.  If any house was ever going to be described as such, then this is certainly on fleek.

This property currently for sale on Frogmill Road in Northfield, Birmingham offers the most modern and desirable of exterior and interior fleekyness if I can coin that word.  

Once a daring design decision seen only on Grand Designs, grey window frames are currently the pinnacle of modern standards and a must-have for that industrial edge that so many properties strive for.  

Of course, whilst interior colours are very much down to personal taste, it’s refreshing to see walls of magnolia are not an option in this property.  Instead, fashionable greys and yellows are out in force.  

If you consider youself to be way cooler than evidently I will ever be, this might well be the property in Northfield for you.


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