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For many homeowners, space comes at a premium, So, we're bringing you some clever solutions that may help you enhance the space in your home

Utilise unused corridor space

Corridors are generally overlooked as the space can often be dark and narrow. But this can sometimes be the perfect place for a study.

Studies are often a luxury in properties, but here it’s proven that you don’t need an extra room to create a usable space.


Glass walls

Glass walls help to enhance the feeling of space in any room, especially in a room that has no windows. With glass walls, you are able to have a smaller floor space without compromising on the feeling of space.

They help to make the room feel bigger by allowing in more light and block out noise.



Roof space and voids

While adding a loft extension to your property may add square footage, sometimes the design of the roof can compromise space in the rooms. Clever shelving can make the best use of the space.


Sliding doors

The way a door opens into a room will always limit your use of the space. But with sliding doors, you will never have to think about the furniture layout again.

Sliding doors are particularly useful in single or box rooms where the square footage is limited.


Vertical radiators

Have you ever tried rearranging your furniture in a room and realised that there’s a radiator exactly where you want to put the wardrobe?

Upwards space is often not a problem in homes, especially in the large number of period properties in Moseley and surrounding areas that typically have high ceilings. But along the wall, a radiator can be very restrictive in the way you style a room and sometimes it is necessary to cover them with large items of furniture like sofas and tables.

But vertical radiators may be a solution to this problem.

We are seeing an increasing number of homeowners installing vertical radiators and they can be decorative too.


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